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Baby Massage Tips

The benefits of baby massage are more significant than they may initially seem. For an infant, massage is much more than a relaxing experience or a type of physical therapy.

Research continues to prove beyond doubt the guaranteed benefits of infant massage for babies in every stage of their growth. Tiffany M. Field, Ph.D, at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine, has done much to validate the benefits of infant massage, proving its positive impact on healthy babies and those with a host of life-threatening conditions. Dr. Stephen Berman, President of the American Academy of Pediatrics, wrote the preface to Infant Massage: a Handbook for Loving Parents, and fully endorses the routine I developed.

Here are some tips to give right baby massage from head to toe:

A full-body massage from the baby can start from head or feet, depending on what your baby more comfortable and relaxed.

If the weather is cold, turn on the heat enough to keep the infant warm.

Don’t use baby oil on infant’s face.

Babies less than four months old need only 10 minutes of massage while older babies can be given 20 minutes of massage.

Use your fingertips of in gentle small circular strokes beginning at the center of the baby’s forehead to outside and move on to the cheeks, nose and jaw of the baby.

Don’t touch the spine of the baby, while giving her the back massage.

Massage the palm of the baby up to the base of the fingers in circular motions.

Gently squeeze the muscles on baby’s legs and arms but be sure that baby does not get hurt.

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