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How to Get relief from Bronchitis and Asthma?

Massage therapy will help you to get rid of the symptoms of Bronchitis and Asthma, the two common pulmonary diseases. Many patients are desperately switching from one system of medicine to other to cure these diseases. If you try some of these massage therapies, you can get relief from the annoying symptoms of Bronchitis and Asthma.

It is an inflammation of the air passages leading to the lungs. There are many causes for bronchitis, like viruses, bacteria, dust, smoke, polluted air etc.

How to Get Relief from Symptoms of Bronchitis?
Here are some massages techniques for getting relief from Bronchitis, try these methods.

  • Inhale eucalyptus, add three drops of eucalyptus in hot water and inhale the vapour, or take two drops of eucalyptus in your hand, rub it properly and inhale it. Eucalyptus can reduce the inflammation in the lungs
  • Give stroke on your chest and back for10 minutes, it can ease the congestion in the chest
  • Acupuncture gives relief from symptoms of acute bronchitis

Asthma is a common disease causing inflammation in the airways of our lungs. Wheezing, difficulty in breathing, short breathing, cough and chest tightness are the common symptoms.

Ways to Get Relief from Asthma

  • Massage your neck muscles, it can ease your breathing
  • Aromatic therapy can reduce the inflammation; it prescribes eucalyptus as an inhaler
  • Chiropractic therapy–a system of healing deals with body structure and functions, suggests spinal manipulation to improve your lung function
  • Go for Acupuncture treatment, it gives relief from the symptoms
  • Jacobsonian technique–a muscle relaxation technique, may relieve you from the symptoms of Asthma

Such techniques can ease your breathing muscles and relieve you from the symptoms of Bronchitis and Asthma. Follow proper life style and diet, as it would work along with the massage therapy in curing the symptoms.

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  1. Pls note that there are usually also very sensitive trigger points on the sternum with any kind of respiratory problem. Myofascial release will help best in this situation.

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