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Neck Pain Massage

Neck pain is common feature these days. Neck pain be caused due to various reasons. Continuous stress, accident any thing can result in neck pain. Message can be the best method of getting rid of neck pain. Few steps for doing message easily at are mentioned below:

Now, you can massage the area by :

  • Massage with one or both hands:  You can use densely pressed palms can be moved from the top i.e. scalp to the back and unto humeral joints.
  • Squeezing: It is carried out with the edge of palm on neck side, massaging hand, a thumb hillock, on hetronymic side.
  • Grinding: This is circular motion of four fingers from one ear to another in the area of occipital bone. It is possible to do the same with two hands, displacing each other towards each other.
  • Frottage: You can finish massage of neck with frottage. It is carried out with alternate use of hands from jaws to down the breast.

Apart from message few exercises can also provide relief. Some of them are mentioned below:

Exercises for Neck Pain:

  • Before beginning any kind of activity it is necessary to warm up the portion. So, warming up of neck can be done by rotating it in sideways and in upward and downward position
  • Now, put your chin in your palms and take your head downwards, overcoming the resistance of palm. Make 4-5 sets of the same having 20-30 repetitions.
  • Clasped a nape with connected hands, now try to incline your head forward using your hands, keeping hands at back due to muscles of back portion, 4-5 sets till 20-30 repetitions.
  • Just lay down on bench with your back on it and in such a manner that your head is in suspension. Now, you need a partner who will press your forehead and try to take your head downwards and you will have to resist this movement forcing a movement in forward muscles of neck. Number of sets and repetitions are same.
  • You lie on bench with you stomach on bench and your partner will press your nap softly and you will try to keep your head and tight on your place.

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