Back Massage for Back Pain Relief

Everyday we are putting a lot of stress on our backs due to several reasons – sitting continuously in chairs for hours, driving for long durations, and in several other ways. All these contribute to back pain. In fact, back pain is the most common problem. Back massage is the best way you can treat back pain and get a healthy back.

Here we give you some simple tips and techniques of massage. Give back massage to your partner or friend in the steps mentioned below.

1. Ask him to lie face and belly down on some flat surface. Ask him to turn his head to one side. Don’t strain your back when giving the back massage. Stand or kneel beside him.
2. Spread the massage oil over the entire back of him. This helps avoid your hands sticking to his back.
3. Start by giving light strokes at the neck base. Massage with gentle pressure on both sides of the spine.
4. Rub up and down throughout the entire back. Repeat this several times. From now he will start feeling the relief from back pain.
5. Massage on the shoulder blades on both sides of the spine at mid back using fleshy part of your thumbs. Apply small outward strokes up to the base of the neck. Apply pressure away from his spine.
6. After the warm up, massage the spots on his back that feel hard or tight under your hand. Massage in small circles using the fleshy part of your thumb. Adjust the pressure with which you massage according to the tightness and hardness of the spots. This helps loosen up the tight spots on his back and gives great relaxation.
7. Next concentrate on the shoulder area. Place your palm on one shoulder blade, and shake it gently by moving your palm back and forth. It creates a nice loose movement of the shoulder blade and arm. Do the same on the other side.
8. Next concentrate on the bottom of the shoulder blade, near his spine. Massage the entire shoulder blade starting from the spine using your thumb. Apply horizontal strokes on the entire shoulder blade area. Do the same with the other shoulder blade.
9. Massage the tender spots in the shoulder top and collarbone areas using the fleshy part of your fingers. Knead gently in small circular motions.
10. Massage the sides of the spine using the heel of the hands. Start from the upper shoulder and move down to the lower back.
11. Give soothing finishing strokes to the back by rubbing your hands gentlyup the center of his back on both sides of the spine and down the sides of the back.