Massage Techniques for Women

Massage techniques are generally the various ways in which a massage therapist tries to heal the mind and body of a person. These are generally the tools and tricks used by him to perform a particular massage.

There are a number of massages that can help you to improve your health, strengthen immune system, reduce stress, relax after tension and coupe with dermal problems. Below mentioned are a few such massage techniques for women.
Massage techniques for women


It is a traditional Chinese massage technique related with acupuncture. This process works on particular points of the body which is directly related to organs and glands. Such a massage improves the flow of energy in you.

This technique is intended to fix specific muscle and muscle group problems. It releases stress and pain.

Gleaned stones are warmed in water and put on particular places of the body to balance the energy, eliminate stress and tension. Such technique brings control to emotional, physical and mental processes which is very necessary for women as they many things both indoor and out door at the same time.

Such massage is designed for women who are into sports. This enhances athletic performance and reduces the risk of injury. This type of massage is very helpful for women as they are not physically as strong as men are.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique called ray-kee. It is based on transmitting life energy by placing the hands either on or above the body to align chakras and bring healing energy to organs and glands.

This massage originated from Buddhism and is based on pressing energy points and lines. It gradually became the traditional method of Thailand. It both relaxes and stimulates the body, also improves flexibility. The importance of this massage technique for women lies in the fact that women need maximum flexibility working women who even manages  home both at the same time.

In this process various essential oils are applied to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation and correct defects in the curvature of the spine caused by viruses and bacteria.  Therapist dispenses the oils like a rain drops from above and with light strokes of the fingers stimulates the nervous system. Women suffering from severe back pain can try this therapy for relief.

This is a water therapy in which you are asked to make dance movements or stretching in warm water that helps to relax the muscles and improve the flow of energy.

The name itself suggests that this massage technique is strictly designed for women. It is basically designed for expecting women and women after a birth of baby. It mostly contains Swedish massage therapy to relieve pain, fatigue, backaches, various neck, shoulders and spinal problems.

Above mentioned are some important massage techniques generally prescribed for women for women. For further detailed information and opinion regarding the massage techniques, please consult an expert massage therapist in your place.