Scalp And Hair Massage Benefits

Take some ayurvedic or any suitable oil in a bowl and warm the oil in hot water bath. The oil should be sufficiently warm; it should be comfortable to touch. Now apply little oil to various parts of the scalp using finger pads. Apply little oil along the length of your hair. Spread the oil with the help of your fingertips, so that the entire scalp is covered. Use circular motions alternating with slow and vigorous movements.

Slow and gentle circular movements will relax your mind and the nervous system where as vigorous movements helps in enhancing the blood circulation and energy. You can either leave the oil for 30 to 60 minutes or for overnight. For added conditioning you can wrap hot water towel around your head after oil massaging. When you wash your hair use a natural, gentle shampoo.

Here are popular scalp and hair massage techniques.

Hair Pulling Massage: This is a scalp stimulating process. It is done by gliding your fingers under the scalp, grabbing hair near to your scalp and pulling them gently. After gentle pulling, pull your hair again by relaxing the grip. Repeat till the entire scalp is covered.

Oriental Scalp Tapping Massage:

Start tapping at the center of your skull base moving outwards towards your ears. Then come back to center again but a little higher. Repeat the process until the whole scalp is covered.

Tapping with Brush: You can use your boar bristle brush for tapping your scalp. It is an easy method to enhance energy and blood circulation of the scalp.

Aromatherapy Massage: Try including aromatherapy essential oils during massaging. Aromatherapy massage oils are a healthy choice for your scalp.