Shower Massage At Day Spa

To have a refreshing body mind and body you need to pamper yourself. By getting a shower massage at a day spa, you can refresh you body completely from head to toe.

Here is how a shower massage will be done in a spa.

  • A receptionist will take you to a change room wherein you are offered a warm and fluffy robe and also a pair of slippers. You are also given a gown to wear to have your facial.
  • The moment you change into robe, you will start feeling relaxed. When you are taken to the spa before you get the shower massage you are asked to fill in a form which includes all the necessary details like: what products you use, are you pregnant, do you smoke, do you suffer from any medical conditions, etc.
  • Then you will be asked to lie on a massage table. The massage therapist tucks you under a soft blanket. Then, your soothing and refreshing facial begins. Except while removing blackheads the facial will be a painless experience. After the facial your skin gets a youthful glow.
  • No it’s the time for your shower massage. You will be taken to a dimly lit and comfortably warm room. Then you will be asked to lie on a massage table. You can keep yourself covered. The massage therapist gently massages from head to toe using a body scrub. The overhead shower will gently rinse off. This gentle massage detoxifies your body and revitalizes your energies.
  • Now, the real massage starts. The massage therapist asks you to lie on a warm soft table and massages from top to bottom with warm body oil. With this massage you will feel like you are in the heaven.
  • After the massage you will be escorted to the lounge and there you are offered herbal tea.
  • Now you will be taken to another room where hairstyling, manicure and pedicure are done according your wish. You are now completely relaxed, from head to toe, with the most refreshing shower and oil massage.